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Otsbo 6

OTSBO Transformable skateboard 6 in 1

OTSBO is a multi-functional transformable toy, and it is a first approach product for kids to the world of skateboarding. OTSBO offers different play options and can be adapted in shape and function to various stages of kids’ physical development, improving gradually their motor skills.

This toy is basically a skateboard with different accessories assembled on it. It has six different configurations starting at 18 mounts as a ride-on toy with parents’ steering stick in the back. In the second stage it is simply used as a ride on toy. Following that the seat is taken away and it transforms into its fourth configuration as a scooter with low steering handlebar. In its fourth configuration the low steering bar is replaced with a high steering bar. The fifth configuration is destined to big ones! The extension stick is replacing the handlebar and kids uses it as joystick to steer the skate. In its sixth and last configuration all the accessories are removed and OTSBO transforms into a long board style skateboard.

box skate03


  • Birch & Canadian maple plywood, beech solid wood, metal parts and polyurethane wheels.
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